RTU: #253 – The Window is open…

RTU: #253 – Jets v. Giants, Isles v. Rangers, Sanpete v. English…

RTU: CLIP – From #193 – Occam’s Razor

RTU: Clip from Episode 193 – The boys talk about Derek Jeter’s very quiet,understated retirement from baseball, then discuss the little known Huey Lewis & The News B-Side “Occam’s Razor”.

RTU: Episode Partner – DUMMY

September 11, 2014

Hello there… We’re super excited to have a new Episode Partner… DUMMY, a new web series written, directed and starring Joe Dalo and Izzy Diaz. Subscribe to the DUMMY channel in YouTube for all new episodes…

RTU & TOJ LIVE at Five Mile Stone

Thursday, May 8th at 8PM at Five Mile Stone in NYC: NFL DRAFT-A-PALOOZA-THON-A-FEST-A-GANZA Part II! We’re doing it again and this time, have some partners…

NEXT RTU: Live from Blue Haven

NY Sports Talk Podcast – Episode #125: We’re once again recording / streaming RTU from the back room of our sponsor bar Blue Haven in NYC on Thursday, Janauary 24th at 7:30pm. Hope you can join us live if you are in the NYC area, and if not you check it out streaming live here at Blog Talk Radio or on iTunes after the show.

We Are the New Look Knicks

November 6, 2012

We Are the New Look Knicks

Our new writer Joe Tomaschik looks at the surprising Knicks 3-0 start… Be on the look out for more from Joe right here on RTUSports.com.
If you follow NBA basketball in the New York metro area, you know what the story lines have been leading up to the start of the 2012-13 NBA season…

New Fantasy Island

October 30, 2012

New Fantasy Island

Our new writer Joe Tomaschik looks at the Islanders move to Brooklyn from a non-Islander fan perspective… Be on the look out for more from Joe right here on RTUSports.com.
Same Island, New Home By Joe Tomaschik 
BROOKLYN, NY – To say that Brooklynites are proud and provincial is like merely stating that hockey can “sometimes be a rough sport…

Couple Few Things: Lin, Melo, & Market Value

7/17/12 – Couple Few Things… Carmelo Anthony called Jeremy Lin’s contract offer (the second one; the one he went back to get, thinking Knicks had no choice but to sign him) ridiculous. Everyone seemed to think he meant it would make Lin grossly overpaid, and about that he would be right. I posited to a […]

Notorious Lightweight

April 9, 2012

Notorious Lightweight

Originally rejected by Island records, now confirmed never recorded by Universal Music Group, and under injunction by Virgin, here’s PJ’s classic underground hit. Lyrics by permission.   Notorious Lightweight I had a sip of Cristal and I’m ready to dance – Notorious Lightweight I had a half a beer and my hand’s in my pants […]

RTO: Ready to Onion – Coach K: “I was just f*cking with you.”

Our buddy Nello wrote this very funny Onion-style article for the site, so we figured we’d start a new category of RTU posts. Here’s the first of hopefully many “RTO: Ready to Onion” entries… Please keep in mind, totally untrue, just for giggles.  RTO: READY TO ONION Coach K: “I was just f*cking with you.” […]

Hey… you should do the 3rd Annual RTU Bracket Challenge. For Reals.

Hello there RTU’ers… so for the 3rd year in a row, for the 3rd straight time, it’s the 3rd annual RTU Sports Bracket Challenge. This time of course being the charm, what with it being the 3rd time and all. The 3rd Annual RTU Bracket Challenge is brought to you by Dr. E Ray Stat: […]