RTU: #253 – The Window is open…

RTU: #253 – Jets v. Giants, Isles v. Rangers, Sanpete v. English…

RTU: #214a – FUNLOAD – Who’s Ya Stinker?

RTU: #214a – FUNLOAD – Streaming/Recorded on January 22nd, 2015

Time for the FUNLOAD: We talked about actors that ruin the proceedings for us, and Gone Girl, while staying spoiler free.

RTU: #215 Episode Partner is: DUMMY – A new web series written, directed and starring Joe Dalo and Izzy Diaz. Subscribe to the DUMMY channel in YouTube for all new episodes.

RTU: #215 – Streaming/Recording Thursday, Jan 29th at 10pm ET

Sanpete’s coffee consumption is discussed. Warning: It’s disturbing. Check Out Sports Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio with RTU SPORTS on BlogTalkRadio  

RTU: #214 – Streaming/Recording Thursday, Jan 22nd at 10pm

Main Course: Brian Bassett from TheJetsBlog.com joined us to talk about the Jets new hires, where they go from here, off-season/draft stuff and how his website and blogger presence has grownn since we had him on last a few years ago. Great stuff on the Jets and then some #DeflateGate stuff and how we are NFL junkies who will keep buying the product.

RTU: #213 – Week of Heart

January 22, 2015

Main Course: After RTNUmerology…we went heavy into the Jets hiring Todd Bowles and Mike Maccagnan… We like… we don’t love. And the Islanders and Rangers had the biggest regular season game in a loooooong time the other night. We were pretty pumped for the game.

RTU: 212 – FUNLOAD – Ready to Diner, Drive-in & Dive

Ready to Unload: With Cal & Sanpete Subscribe to the RTU: Podcast in iTunes HERE Also available on STITCHER HERE RTU: #212 Episode Partner is: DUMMY – A new web series written, directed and starring Joe Dalo and Izzy Diaz. Subscribe to the DUMMY channel in YouTube for all new episodes. AND GO CHECK OUT EPISODE 3~ RTU: #209 – FUNLOAD – Streaming/Recorded on December 18th, […]

RTU: #211 – Joe Caparoso From Turn on the Jets.com

Main Course: Black Monday came in the NFL and smacked no one harder in the face than the Jets… (except maybe the Chicago Bears, as big a mess as the Jets, just without FireEMERY! Banners) Cal and Sanpete will go heavy into what happened, what will happen and what we would like to happen. Plus, the Islanders have more wins before the first of the year than they have ever had in franchise history… yet we’re somewhat unhappy. Just too many years of sucking, or are our concerns legit? (le what? LeGIT!) Plus the battle to be a real fan… do you need to put up a billboard to be considered passionate? Or can you just, ya know, root for your team.

RTU: #209 – FUNLOAD – Streaming/Recorded on December 18th, 2014

RTU: #208 – Streaming / Recording LIVE Wednesday, Dec. 17th at 10pm ET