RTU: #253 – The Window is open…

RTU: #253 – Jets v. Giants, Isles v. Rangers, Sanpete v. English…

RTU: #253 – Jets v. Giants, Isles v. Rangers, Sanpete v. English…

UNLOADING On: We’re back from hiatusbattical!
We got heavy into the Mets…everthing from the phenomenon of waiting for 2007 part II, Cal’s Fear and Loathing as a Mets fan, to what we think of Matt Harvey’s inning limits. Great stuff here, long overdue.

RTU: #232 – Imitation Game

RTU: #231 – Silly Puttying Dondi

RTU: #230.5 – FUNLOAD – Supermarket Donut – We talked a LOT about food. Top 5 donuts of all time…

RTU: #230 – Murph Palmer

RTU: #230 – Murph Palmer

Main Course: It’s simple… is it the Mets time? We don’t think so. Will the Islanders make a run? We went heavy into the Mets and opening day in baseball, and then took apart the Islander limp to the finish.

RTU: #219 – Little Doors

RTU: #218 – Brad Kallet, CBS New York.com WFAN
Main Course: We were joined by Brad Kallet Web Producer/Editor/Writer/Columnist CBSNewYork.com and WFAN.com for a great Mets conversation and some intersting talk about sports talk radio, and social media coverage of sports. Fanatstic stuff from Brad, a great place to start for the Mets in 2015.

RTU: #216 – Streaming/RecordingThursday, Feb. 5th at 10pm ET

Main Course: Super Bowl wrap up, Cal at annual Sandy Alderson Stand Up show at Citi, Islanders/3 Game skid/Sanpete panic mode.