RTU: #253 – The Window is open…

RTU: #253 – Jets v. Giants, Isles v. Rangers, Sanpete v. English…

About Ready to Unload: with Cal & Sanpete

Ready to Unload: with Cal & Sanpete

RTU is a weekly New York Sports Podcast hosted by Steve “Sanpete” Sanpietro and Brian “Cal” Calvi, two guys you can belly up to the bar with to have the kind of great sports discussions you have been having with your buddies for years, replete with movie quotes, obscure stats and busted chops. We started in December of 2009 and have now done over 215 shows, and have had several legit beat reporters, a number of sports bloggers and sports social media folks on as guests. (Chris LoPresti, Dom Cosentino, Joe Caporoso, Ted Berg, Matt Cerrone, Patrick Flood, Brian Basset, Rich Coutinho, Jon Presser, Scott Salmon and more…).

Over the 5 years we’ve been at it, we’ve essentially merged the BS Report (we did “overrated, underrated or properly rated” well before Simmons…we have tapes to prove it… hehe) with a little “WTF: with Marc Maron”, in that we are interested in a guest’s “origin story”, about how they came to root for, cover or write about the team.

We have tried to be a home for new sports media types (bloggers, other podcasters) and most of all, we tend to be snark free and try to really be reasonable about these teams. That’s not to say everything is rosy, but we just try not to be completely negative when talking about these teams. We are not the woe is us/oh the pain types, who would rather be right than happy. Seems there are a lot of those littering the sports talk landscape right now, both as hosts and callers.

We also do another podcast (recorded at the same time as RTU original recipe) called RTU: Funload, which is basically Cal, Sanpete and PJ talking about whatever they feel like, be it Sanpete’s daily coffee consumption (it’s a lot), to a Mount Rushmore of Halloween Candy, to what 70’s songs are somehow stuck in our heads and can be triggered by a trip to CVS, to an important and frank discussion of breakfast sandwiches.

We’re 3 old friends talking about sports & whatever else comes up, be it music, pop culture, etc, and we’d like to invite you to join us at the bar, and jump into the conversation.



Brian “Cal” Calvi is a graduate of St. John’s University in Jamaica, NY,
receiving a degree in Communications. During his time at St. John’s, Brian
worked for campus radio station 640 AM, WSJU where he broadcast Red Storm
baseball games and co-hosted a twice-weekly radio show. After graduating,
Brian worked for a number of radio stations on Long Island, including 102.3
WBAB, 1240 AM WGBB and 106.1 WBLI. At BLI, Brian worked as a morning show
producer where he was known by his alter ego “Flyin’ Brian”. This extensive
work in radio obviously has now led him to a career in the insurance

Like Steve, Brian also became obsessed with WFAN in New York right from it’s
inception in 1987. While his buddies were rocking out to Van Halen and Def
Leppard, Brian was busy honing his impression of Chris “Mad Dog” Russo and
debating the merits of Phil Simms vs. Jeff Hostetler.

Brian makes no apologies for his allegiance to the Mets, Islanders and
Knicks, believing that it builds character to support these frequently
moribund franchises. With the opportunity to save his young daughter from a
lifetime of heartache, he nevertheless taught his then 2-year old all the
words to “Meet the Mets”. More recently he jumped on the fledgling Jets
bandwagon to complete the quadfecta of sports misery.

Brian and Steve met in the summer of 1984 while attending baseball camp on
Long Island. They bonded over their love of the Mets and to this day each
still have an encyclopedic memory of all things blue and orange (or black as
it were… but don’t get me started on that atrocity. Thank goodness that nightmare is over) As for
the Collision in Copaigue back in 1985, all that can be said is that’s what
happens when you put a catcher and a 2nd baseman in the outfield (thanks a
lot Dad!)



Steve “Sanpete” Sanpietro attended the University of Dayton, where he received a degree in Communications, Radio and Television Journalism. While at UD, he hosted a weekly in season NFL show on WDCR campus radio for three years, a year round sports show for two years and was one of the voices of Flyers Division I Men’s Basketball for two years, working play by play. After receiving his degree, he decided to pursue a career in acting, and has appeared in many off and off off Broadway shows, including the National Broadway Tour of “Tony ‘n Tina’s Wedding” and a hugely successful run of Patrick Marber’s “Dealer’s Choice” in Los Angeles. Although he has and continues to pursue acting, his incredible passion for sports and specifically NY sports has never wavered (as his wife can attest to), and he loves being able to talk sports and whatever else he feels like with 2 of his best friends every week, for over 5 years now.

Steve was recruited to play baseball at the University of Dayton as a catcher and played (sparingly) for the Flyers for his first two years at UD. He’ll be playing in a wood bat/fast pitch baseball league this summer, for as long as his rickety knees can handle it.

Steve’s sports broadcasting inclinations started at about the age of 9, when he would tape himself doing play by play for Mets games, and imitating legendary Mets announcer Bob Murphy. His obsession with all things sports got a huge boost with the start of WFAN, one of the first all-sports talk radio stations in the country, to which he became a egular caller at age 16 or so to Steve Somers overnight radio show.

The nickname Sanpete was given to him in college by his baseball coach who had a difficult time pronouncing his last name, and has stuck to the point that even his dad is referred to by most of his friends as “Mr. Sanpete”.

Steve and Brian have been friends many, many years, having gone to junior high school and high school together in Commack, LI. They also played on many a Little League team together, with Brian’s dad as coach. They famously (at least in their circles) collided in the outfield chasing down a ball in a tournament game at the age of 11, ala George “The Stork” Theodore and Don Hahn in 1973 (or Mike Cameron and Carlos Beltran in 2005). “If you ask Cal he will say it was his ball, but I had it all the way…”


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