RTU: #253 – The Window is open…

RTU: #253 – Jets v. Giants, Isles v. Rangers, Sanpete v. English…

RTU: #243 – 9.23.15 – Baby’s First Podcast, From Hasbro

Posted by | September 26, 2015

Ready to Unload: With Cal & Sanpete

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RTU: #243 – Recorded on 9.23.15

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UNLOADING On: We’re back from hiatusbattical!

– We got heavy into the Mets…everthing from the phenomenon of waiting for 2007 part II, Cal’s Fear and Loathing as a Mets fan, to what we think of Matt Harvey’s inning limits. Great stuff here, long overdue.

– We did the Jets 2-0 start quickly… their defense is the star, not Todd Bowles’ defense, and Fitzpatrick: any time you are ready to be a game manager, that’d be great.

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