RTU: #243 – 9.23.15 – Baby’s First Podcast, From Hasbro

UNLOADING On: We’re back from hiatusbattical!
We got heavy into the Mets…everthing from the phenomenon of waiting for 2007 part II, Cal’s Fear and Loathing as a Mets fan, to what we think of Matt Harvey’s inning limits. Great stuff here, long overdue.

Sanpete 2015 Poster

Thursday, April 30th at 7:30pm – FIVE MILE STONE in NYC. Streaming/Simulcast Joint Podcast featuring: NY Sports Podcast “Ready to Unload” and TurnOnTheJets.com Podcast “TOJ Digital“. Award winning craft beers by Gun Hill Brewing Co. Media Call-ins & NFL Giveaways throughout the night.

About the Show - Ready to Unload: with Cal & Sanpete

RTU is a weekly New York Sports-centric Talk Show & Podcast hosted by Steve "Sanpete" Sanpietro and Brian "Cal" Calvi, two guys you can belly up to the bar with to have the kind of great sports discussions you have been having with your buddies for years, replete with movie quotes, obscure stats and busted chops. We started in December of 2009 and have now done over 185 shows, and have had several legit beat reporters, a number of sports bloggers and sports social media folks on as guests. (Chris LoPresti, Joe Caporoso, Ted Berg, Matt Cerrone, Patrick Flood, Brian Basset, Rich Coutinho, Jon Presser, Scott Salmon).

We've essentially merged the BS Report (we did "overrated, underrated or properly rated" well before Simmons... we have tapes to prove it. hehe) with a little "WTF: with Marc Maron", in that we are interested in a guest's "origin story", about how they came to root for, cover or write about the team.

We have tried to be a home for new sports media types (bloggers, other podcasters) and most of all, we tend to be snark free and try to really be reasonable about these teams. That's not to say everything is rosy, but we just try not to be completely negative when talking about these teams. We are not the woe is us/oh the pain types, who would rather be right than happy. Seems there are a lot of those littering the sports talk landscape right now, both as hosts and callers.

We're 3 old friends talking about sports & whatever else comes up, be it music, pop culture, etc, and we'd like to invite you to join us at the bar, and jump into the conversation.